Supply Chain Process Platform (SCPP)


This Amazon Tile is a solution for our Supply Chain Process Platform (SCPP) which provide integrated system for Planning and Forecasting, Inventory Optimization, Order Life Cycle, Transport, Warehouse and Distribution Management.SCPP modules are Purchasing, Inventory Management, Pre-Sales, Sales, Delivery Scheduling, Customer Management and Reports.

Amazon Tile

This Amazon Tile is capable of meeting the unique needs of the stone industry. Our solution the best practices in the business. SCPP to optimize workflow and increase productivity such as stream lined process flow charts can help take your business to the next level. SCPP with Barcode Integration, we can reconcile the loaded slabs with the slabs specified for loading in the system, this allow to perform swaps to keep inventory records clean. SCPP Central Returns Management is to clear the conflicts between Customer Management and Inventory Management Modules.

SCPP Inventory Management Get inventory closer to the consumer. With SCPP customers become part of warehouse. Simply assign any of customers as a consignment location, and transfer inventory to them. SCPP can able to track the ever changing slab size each time the slab incoming. But also stores detailed information for each and every slab in your inventory. When selling to customers who demand a specific name (color of the slab), Our System allows to mark it as a "sold as" name on their Invoice in order to make the sale and keep our customer happy at the same time. With Delivery Scheduling Module you can know exactly how much a truck can hold, what is loaded, and where each truck is going. Each customer route segregate into different groups to delivery depending on location.

In SCPP all Modules are necessary for Store Operations in One System which Integrate all Operations- Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, Receiving, Transfers and Customer Management. SCPP Currency Integration as your base currency and assign as many exchange rates as needed for each foreign currency in terms of rate of current and date of commencing.

  • Multiple Locations Tracking.
  • Inventory Management with Bar-coding.
  • Flexible Quotes & Sale Orders.
  • Efficient Customer Management.
  • Provide High Security & User Privileges.
  • Reducing Transport Cost
  • Expanding Width / Depth of Distribution.
  • Reduce Delivery Cycle Time.
  • Reduce Inventory Cost.
  • Expand Sales Revenue
  • Improve On-Time Delivery.
  • Reduce Warehouse Cost.

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